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Big & Tall Chairs

Bigger is Better: Shop Our Range of Big and Tall Office Chairs

Discover big and tall office chairs that are designed to give full and well-balanced support.

Size matters. It matters because not everyone is built the same way but even then, everyone should have the freedom to choose work essentials that suit their size. Your work, after all, takes up a huge chunk of your day-to-day living and it’s highly important that you’re able to move freely around your work space.

That’s why Ergo Styles offers a wide range of big and tall office chairs designed to suit your needs. Made from robust materials, our big office chairs are designed for maximum support while our tall office chairs provide well-balanced stability.

Support and stability are two important factors that you must consider when selecting an ergonomic office chair. After years of research, medical professionals agree that prolonged sitting can cause serious health risks. At first, it may start out in the form of neck pain or back pain but eventually, these aches and pains will add up and will result in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. What doctors recommend is to mix a healthy amount of movement together with sitting. That’s why a sit-stand work environment is highly recommended.

However, even if you do achieve the recommended sit-stand environment, working several hours a day, every day on the wrong type of chair, a chair that restricts your movement and doesn’t support your weight, well – that can negatively affect your health, too.

Since we are a premium provider of ergonomic office furniture solutions, you can count on us to provide you with ergonomic big and tall office chairs to not just give you the comfort you need but more importantly – human-centered design elements that can give your health a boost. These features include roomier seats, broad seat widths and high back-rests for optimum support for larger weight capacities.

You can also count on the durable construction of our big and tall office chairs.We have selected manufacturers that offer the most solid frames and stronger bases. Other great features include lumbar support, chairs with adjustable arms and comfortable, mesh back rests to keep you cool all day long.

Ergo Styles wants to let you know that regardless of your weight and height, we have many types of big and tall office chairs that will suit your preferences.


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