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Five Awesome New Tools Schools Can Put Their Budget On

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Dear, education practitioner, if you’re still not implementing tech in your curriculum or setting, then you are doing things wrong. Children, first of all, learn much faster if all of their senses are stimulated. Second, they will be more motivated not only to attend classes but to also participate.

But which ones should you get? We have five suggestions:

1. Screen Mounts

Do you know that kids spend at least 85% of their time sitting? And majority of this sitting time is in the classroom! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sitting, but doing this for a prolonged time can be detrimental to one’s health. In fact, new studies suggest that a person should not sit for more than 3 to 4 hours.

One of the best ways to encourage children to stand is by using ergonomic mounts like screen mounts. The mount can be attached to a wall so the screen is elevated at a certain height or clamped to a sit-stand desk. The mount can include a fully adjustable arm whose height and orientation is quick to modify, thereby reducing eye and neck strain among students.

2. Online Learning

A new research cites that young ones, particularly teens, spend over 8 hours a day online, doing plenty of stuff: from social media to browsing. Although schools should advocate outdoor activities to raise more well-rounded children, they can also maximize these statistics by offering online learning courses. Another option is to provide study and test modules accessible in the Net. This technology is also a great support for students who may not be able to attend classes offline for different reasons.

3. Projectors

Several schools are already investing money on projectors, but if it’s still circa 1990s or early 2000s, it’s time to upgrade them. New technologies may not be perfect, but they also have never been better. Colors are crisper, fast-moving images are clearer, and they are more user-friendly. To complete the setup, don’t forget buying an ergonomic projector mount, which is great for possibly hours of projector use.

4. Tablets

You don’t have to go too far as far as new education tech is concerned. The uber-popular iPad and other slew of tablets is a good choice. In the United States, more schools are now adopting a tablet with its one-to-one program. In turn, they are able to save as much as $13 from a regular textbook by converting it into an e-book. If that isn’t enough good news, you can help protect your children’s back by reducing their school bag load.

5. Website

A website is one of the best ways to introduce the school to your target market and create a relationship with the existing students and their families. It can also be a repository of student grades and announcements, which may be accessed through a private login.

In the end, though, these are only examples of tech. As an education practitioner, it’s still your job to teach effectively and compassionately with your students. 

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