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Discount Coupons


Just when you thought you just got the best deal you could possibly get, ErgoStyles ups the ante and improves on an already amazing deal. Imagine getting your ergonomic furniture and accessories from some of the best brands in the industry with a lowest price guarantee, and getting a discount on top of that already low price! That is exactly what we are doing and this is done with the help of our 5 new coupons.

When you visit our site, you will be given the chance to lower the price of your purchase a little bit more, and this is with the use of the coupons that you see on your screen. We have coupons made for use with specific brand purchases, and we also have a sitewide coupon that allows you to reduce your total purchase price upon checking out. You simply need to type in the coupon code in the specified field when you check out.



Coupon Code: Goldtouch5%Off
Avail of a 5 percent discount on all Goldtouch items that you buy when this coupon is used upon checking out.




Coupon Code: HealthPostures5
Avail of a 5 percent discount when this Health Postures discount coupon is used on the items you buy from this brand on our site today.




Coupon Code: Raynor5
Enjoy 5 percent off the total purchase price on all your Raynor Eurotech items when you use this coupon when you check out.


While we do have coupons for certain brands, and a coupon for your total purchase, you should be aware that these cannot be used in conjunction with one another. You can only use one coupon at a time, and this can only be used on that day’s purchase. This means, you cannot overlap the discounts that these coupons give. You either use the brand coupon or the sitewide coupon when purchasing items from the site.

Wondering where you can find the sitewide coupon and why you cannot see it on this page? Well, in order to get a discount on all your purchases (if you choose to avail of the discount on all items and not just on a specific brand), you need to do a little something for us. You can avail of the 5 percent storewide discount only when you like us on Facebook or when you give us your email. Simply click the "Discount" coupon button found at the right side of this page.

With the already low, low prices on the site, plus the discounts that you get from these coupons, you might think it couldn’t get any better. But it can! Aside from these, you will also get free shipping for the items that you purchase from us. Now isn’t that a deal that is hard to pass up on? Buy your ergonomic furniture and accessories today and take advantage of this amazing offer that you cannot find anywhere else but here at ErgoStyles.

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