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Document Holders

Transcribing and transferring information from paper to digital form is one of the many tasks that people in offices find themselves doing on a regular basis. From copying minutes of a meeting, to writing emails for your boss from a dictated copy, to writing down policies that were put together by a group of people in a conference – the person tasked to do these things will need to constantly consult the written copy while typing it into their computer.

More-often-than-not, people who do this particular task often put the written copy on the desk, beside their keyboard or their mouse, and they glance down to consult this copy, then back up to their screen to type it up. This repetitive motion, can actually give a person a crick in the neck, not to mention slow down the transcription process. What is required in order to speed up this action, and to remove the possibility of neck pain, is a document holder.

ErgoStyles brings to you a number of document holders, made by such brands as WorkRite and Good Use Company, that will help make transcription easier and less of a pain in the neck. Place these infront of your keyboard or beside your monitor to make glancing at the text you are copying easier and less of a strain on your neck and back.

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