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Ergo Sit to Stand

More Movement
By moving more at work and standing while working you can burn up to or more then 300 extra calories a day.
Easy Movement
You can set sit stand workstations to any height you wont no matter how tall or short you are.
Stable Use
The tables can hold up to a 130 lbs. This will be able to hold all types of monitors and things you would to put on the desktop.

Fluid, Adaptable Sit-to-Stand Desks

Find a sit to stand desk that works with you, moves with you and adjusts to your needs.

We make ourselves at home. That’s our nature. Whenever we settle into a new job, a new house, a new city… the first thing we do is make ourselves at home. We surround ourselves with familiar things – a framed photo of family and friends, a favorite pillow, a well-loved couch; it could be anything that makes us feel more connected. This is what makes us human.

So, when it comes to your daily work routine, it’s just but natural that you do everything you can to surround yourself with essentials that will make work easier for you. But it’s more than just work. This is your life. The most important thing is you. And the most important thing about you is your health. If you neglect to care for your health and your body, you stand the risk of not being able to achieve your goals.

That is why Ergo Styles provides a robust range of sit to stand desks that can immediately turn your work or gaming space into a productive, ergonomic environment that can positively contribute to your health and overall productivity.

However, you must know why it is vital to choose a sit to stand desk. Medical professionals agree that sitting for a prolonged period of time causes many health risks. You may not feel it at first. It could just be a slight back pain here, a stiff neck there but these little things can add up. Eventually it will result in several serious health risks. What medical professionals recommend is a healthy mix of movement all throughout your work day. It could be just as simple as adding a few minutes of standing in between sitting. The best way to achieve this healthy mix of movement is to use a sit to stand workstation.

Whatever your passion might be, Ergo Styles will have a sit to stand desks that works for your needs. Fully-adjustable and durable, we provide sit to stand desks that are specifically designed for the most active and demanding work spaces.


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