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One of the many high quality brands you can choose from when you require sit stand desks and workstations is Ergotron. These workstations are designed to help improve not only the health of those who use them, but also their productivity too. This particular brand features workstations that can easily allow an individual to transition from a sitting position to a standing one, with the greatest of ease and without any assistance from anyone. These sit stand workstations come in many designs built to suit various needs and situations.

For starters, this brand carries workstations that stand alone and can be easily used as a sitting or standing desk. These workstations come with easy to adjust platforms that allow users to adjust their keyboards to a height that is ideal for their working position, whether it be a standing or sitting one. These also come with monitor arms that help reduce desk clutter since you can easily mount your monitors onto these to increase desk space.

Aside from the stand-alone models, Ergotron also has a number of items that can be used to convert a standard office desk into a sit and stand table. These are called WorkFit units, and can be easily mounted on existing desks your company may have. These come with monitor arms that can easily be used to carry your computer monitors on them, and adjustable platforms that can easily carry your keyboards to adjustable heights, making it easy for users to move from sitting to standing while working.

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