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ESI Keyboard Trays

ESI Ergonomics is one of the leading brands when it comes to office furniture and accessories that help remove the added stress wrong posture and positioning brings about. With the current rise in the creation of ergonomic workstations comes the need not only for adjustable height desks and adjustable chairs, but also for keyboard trays that can assist in making the person position their hands, arms, and shoulders in the correct orientation as well. ESI has come up with a number of designs that serves such a purpose well. 

ErgoStyles brings to you various ESI Ergonomics keyboard trays, which are ideal for use with various sit-to-stand workstations and desks. These workstation peripherals allow users to easily reposition their keyboards whenever there is a need to do so. Some of their designs, like the ESI Solution 90, feature gel palm rests, articulating arms, and a rotating platform. The ESI Ultra Switch-n-Click Keyboard Tray System, on the other hand, features a keyboard platform that can be switched to the left or the right side, a 360 degree swivel, and an articulating arm. 

Choose the best keyboard tray for your very specific needs. You will find that some of these designs are ideal for your current ergonomic desk set-up, and others are ideal for the new workstations you might be planning on getting. Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance. We will be happy to help you put together your ergonomic and healthier workstation, which should definitely include one of these amazingly versatile keyboard trays from ESI Ergonomics, and other like brands.

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