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Foot Rests

When you are working at a desk, you will find that there will be times when your feet will ache from staying in one position for too long. Not only will you experience pain with staying in one position for extended periods of time, but this particular action can be very detrimental to your overall health. Using foot rests that can be adjusted for comfort is one way you can avoid these problems.

ErgoStyles brings to you footrests that are made by some of the top names in ergonomics, like Neutral Posture and Workrite. The footrests created by these manufacturers allow users to adjust their feet according to their comfort in order to promote better blood circulation and to reduce cramping. These foot rests also help people sit properly in their chairs, which help reduce instances of back pains brought about by improper posture while working. Choose from designs that include stand-alone units, foot rests that you can attach to your chairs or stools, and designs that come with massage balls.

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