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Foot Switch

Remove the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries that can be brought about by constant mouse clicking with the use of mouse accessories like these foot pedals. Some people experience pain when they click their mouse incessantly during work, and since all mice are made to be clicked, they often believe they have no other recourse but to suffer the pain. There is a way to remove this problem, and that is with the use of foot pedals that can take over the clicking for you.

These mouse foot switches can be programmed to be used in lieu of the left click and right click of your mouse. You can simply use your mouse to point to what you need it to point to, and then use either the left or the right pedal to click. It’s as simple as that. This is an ideal option for those who need to work on a computer but suffer from ailments that make clicking a mouse painful, like arthritis or gout. With these programmable pads, you can continue using your computer and mouse with ease without the painful clicking.

These pedals are also programmable enough to carry out other keyboard tasks as well, like the pressing of shift, enter, delete, and others. Find the best pedal for your needs from variants that include two pedal and three pedal options. Made by some of the top manufacturers of ergonomic computer equipment around, these pedals are not only great for avoiding wrist and finger strain, but also for increasing productivity and multi-tasking.

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