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Heavy Duty Monitor Arms

When you are thinking of mounting your monitor on a monitor arm, you should be aware that not all monitors are made the same. Each type should be mounted on an ergonomic monitor arm that is suited to it. For instance, if you have a rather big and heavy computer screen, this would call for a heavy-duty monitor arm that can accommodate the added weight and size of such a monitor. 

In a nutshell, a heavy-duty monitor arm is rather different from other monitor arms in the market. This one is specially designed to hold very large, bulky, and heavy monitors that can weight as much as 30 to 40 pounds. These arms can carry this rather sizable amount of weight with great ease. These come with excellent durability, making these ideal for use in industrial, commercial, and healthcare applications. 

Here at ErgoStyles, we carry heavy-duty monitor arms manufactured by some of the leading brands in ergonomics, like Humanscale and Innovative. With their rather minimalist and sleek designs, these arms help save space due to their versatility. These can easily be mounted onto any steady surface, such as a wall, a desk, or even the floor, if needed. 

These are also designed to support different kinds of computer monitors, including Mac. Each of these arms comes with a reliable cable management system built into the design, giving your monitor setup a clutter-free look. And since these arms are built to be ergonomic, adjusting and shifting to suit the needs of whoever is using the monitors attached to these is easy. These also have a quick and convenient monitor installation system so you won’t have a hard time attaching, changing or removing screens. 

Best of all, all our heavy-duty monitor arms are covered with our lowest-price guarantee, as well as free shipping and returns.

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