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If you are thinking of transitioning from standard work desks to ones that allow a person to work in either a sitting or standing position, what you need are sit stand workstations. If you already have office desks that you do not want to dispose of, but still want to create a healthier office environment, your best recourse would be to use sit stand options like these ones from Innovative. These products allow you to transform your current workstations into sit stand ones with the help of adjustable arms and workstation platforms.

Choose from a variety of products that include monitor and keyboard trays, laptop stands, and monitor arms with built-in adjustable keyboard holders. These items are easy enough to attach to any standard office desk and can easily convert it to a sit stand workstation in no time. These not only help improve health and productivity in your office due to the fact that these allow people to sit or stand at intervals while working, but are also space savers since these remove both your monitor and your keyboard from your desk top, increasing your desk space enormously.

Some of these mountable products even come with cable management systems to also remove the clutter that cables often bring to a workstation. Aside from this, the easy-to-adjust arms of these Innovative products allow users to transition from one working position to another without having to ask for help in adjusting their desks. Simply adjust the height of the workstation with the use of the adjustable arm and you have either a sitting or standing work environment, just like that.

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