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Keyboard Arms

If space is an issue when it comes to your workstation, then what you might want to consider using with your computer keyboards is a floating keyboard holder. Also called a keyboard arm, these are great when used in conjunction with monitor arms since these will help creating a floating computer workstation that leaves you with a desk clear of any clutter and computer peripherals that may eat up a lot of space.

These tools are great when you need an entire table to be free for use, such as those desks that are used for creating product prototypes with in workshops and research & development institutions. These are also great for architectural offices who specialize in AutoCad work since these will leave desks free to be used with sketching tools and other similar computer compatible drafting tools. These are also great for use with design studios and animation companies who require clear desks for when they have to hand draw samples before these are drawn via computer aided tools.

Whatever industry you belong to, if you are looking to increase desk space while still keeping your computer monitor and keyboard within reach, then these arms are what you need. Choose form a variety of designs that are ideal for use with a variety of monitor arms and desks. If you are unsure as to which keyboard arm is best used with your current monitor arm, or you wish to find out what two products are best paired with each other, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.

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