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Long Reach Monitor Arms

When your company decides to make the switch to an ergonomically sound and healthy workstation configuration, one of the things that needs to be included in the list of must-haves for such a transition is a long reach monitor arm. These arms are ideal for when your desks are changed to sit-stand ones that require a rather flexible arm that can be shifted easily from a sitting position to a standing position height. 

A long-reach monitor arm gives you the flexibility you need for such a change. These are also ideal when you need to access your monitor while moving around a larger work-area. You can move around any space, and yet you can always have immediate access to your monitor when you have a long-reaching monitor arm. This type of ergonomic fixture can always find its place in numerous industries. These are especially useful in the healthcare setting, which includes hospitals and clinics, and in educational institutions. In short, these can be installed in places where motion and versatility is highly valued. 

Ergostyles offers you a good selection of long-reach monitor arms trusted brands in the market, such as Workrite and Innovative. You can choose long-reach arms with Flexmount so you can easily change the height of your monitor in no time. You can also opt for one that is made specifically for use in the healthcare industry. There is also a long-reach arm that spans more than 40 inches for a wider coverage, and those that provide excellent support for flat panel screens. 

Check out our many options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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