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Mini/Travel Mouse

Not all mice are made equal, and some of these are rather bulky and too big to be carrying around comfortably when you are traveling. This is where mini travel mice are ideal. Here at Ergo Styles, we take into consideration the fact that many of our customers find themselves on the road every now and then, and bringing along a mouse that is too big for such endeavors is somewhat difficult. That is why, when it comes to those who travel, we strongly suggest our travel mouse.

Also called our mini travel mouse, these mice are made small enough to complement mini keyboards that are also ideal for use when traveling. These small mice are great for when space is limited, as it most often is when you are traveling. These come in variants that include designs made for use by left handed and right handed individuals. Since these are also ergonomic, you will notice that instead of the standard palm-down usage, these are used vertically. This allows your hand and arm to stay in its natural position, preventing the occurrence of RSIs, or repetitive strain injuries, that occur when your hand or arm is forced into an unnatural position.

You can choose from designs that include corded and cordless ones, which allows for usage even when your laptop or computer is attached to a wide screen via an HDMI cable and you are sitting at a distance from it. If you are unsure whether or not these mini travel mice are ideal for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you.

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