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Mini/Travel Size

When you are on the go, having a bulky standard sized external keyboard either for your laptop or tablet is rather cumbersome, and may not even fit into your laptop bag. While most people depend on their laptop keyboards for when they need to use this on the go, there are some who do prefer an external one to allow for a little distance while working on their laptops or tablets. This is where a travel sized keyboard comes in handy.

Ergo Styles has a few keyboards that are ideal for use with your laptops or tablets when you are travelling, and these are small enough to fit into a standard laptop bag. These mini keyboards, as they are sometimes called, also come in designs that make them ergonomically correct, with a middle division that allows for the splitting of the keyboard and placing each division at an angle that can prevent RSI, or repetitive stress injuries.

Aside from ergonomic mini keyboards, you can also find travelling keyboards that are cordless, which make these ideal for when you connect your laptop to a flat screen TV via an HDMI cable, allowing you to use the keyboard from a distance. This particular type of setup is ideal for presentations, conferences, and for when you would like to use your laptop while it is connected to a larger screen and you are sitting at a distance. If you cannot find the mini ergonomic keyboard you need from our selection, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you find what you need.

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