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Monitor Mounts

When you are aiming for an ergonomic workplace, one of the things you need to consider getting for each workstation is a monitor arm. These mounting solutions for your monitors are not only great for reducing clutter on your desk but also for making these rather easy to adjust to the individual needs of each person using the workstation. Since ergonomics is all about making your work environment more efficient with the help of the right tools for each person, having a monitor mounting solution that allows just that is indeed ideal. 

Ergostyles provides you with a wide variety of monitor mounting options made to suit your varying needs and specifications: 

  • Long-reach arms for monitors  that need to have maximum maneuverability (these can have adjustable arms that are longer than 20 inches)
  • Multi-monitor mounts that can hold up to as many as 8 monitors at any given time
  • Dual side-by-side LCD setups
  • Mounts for Mac monitors
  • Arms ideal for smaller screens and gadgets like tablets 

These monitor mounts give users the following benefits: 

  • You can reclaim the space of your desk. There will be more room for other essentials and definitely bigger working space for you. 
  • You can easily adjust the monitor to your preferred height and angle. If you’re getting all stressed at work, perhaps the main culprit is not the work itself, but your very own monitor. Monitors should be at eye level, so you don’t have to strain your neck by bending, or hurting your back by slouching for long periods of time. Simply put, these monitor mounts help you work with the right posture, which can reduce your stress levels as well.
  • You can easily share the space with somebody else. Wall mounts, which are part of this selection, are perfect for a multi-user setting since changing angles and height can be accomplished quickly with these.

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