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Mouse Accessories

Most people believe that the only accessory you can use with a mouse is a mouse pad, however there are actually quite a few accessories for your mice that can help increase productivity and usability. Ergo Styles brings to you a selection of mouse accessories that include useful dongles for Bluetooth mice (when your laptop or computer is not Bluetooth ready) and foot pedals that help you increase productivity via multi-purpose use and by being programmable with certain macros.

Choose from the many items we have that help you improve your effectiveness on your computer with these mouse accessories that include programmable foot switches, which are ideal for those who need to transition from one task to another without overtiring their hands. Spending long hours using your mouse, even when this is an ergonomic one, can bring about ailments that may even require surgery. Shifting some of the work to your feet with the help of programmable foot pedals can actually reduce such a possibility since it gives your overworked hand a break.

These different mice accessories are manufactured to make you more productive, as well as to help ease the load from your hands. Choose from pedals that come in two and three pedal variants, with some that can be programmed to actually carry out keyboard button functions that include enter, shift, and delete, among others. There are also options that have adjustable pedals, which can accommodate big and small feet, since these can be shifted to suit the user accordingly.

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