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If you are looking for a chair that you cannot easily define, maybe what you need is right here. All the other chairs we have at Ergo Styles that seem to defy traditional definitions can be found in this selection. These include chairs that are considered ideal for guest use, do not have backrests, are essentially stools that masquerade as decorative seats, and many more.

Here you will find seats that can easily complement your sit stand desks in the form of sit stand chairs. While these do not look anything at all like chairs, these are actually great for use with your adjustable height desks since these can actually be used as standing backrests while you stand at your workstation. These can be easily converted into stool-like seating units just as easily as the same desks used with these. Simply push down the standing backrest and you have a stool that you can use while sitting down, and push back up to get the solid back support you need while working in an upright position.

Aside from these, you will also find other ergonomically designed office chairs here ideal for other purposes, such as the saddle seat that can be used by those who work in labs, where seats that can be easily wheeled around from one desk to another without a backrest in the way is oftentimes needed. You will also see side guest chairs in this category along with chair accessories like extended backrests and headrests that can easily transform your ordinary ergonomic office chair into a high-backed office chair.

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