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Portable Standing Desk Chairs

Mix Movement and Motivation with Our Portable Standing Desk Chairs

Move to the beat of your own drum at work or at play and do it the healthy way. Shop our collection of portable standing desk chairs.

A “stand up chair” is a concept that, at first, would seem hard to understand. Because aren’t chairs supposed to be, erm, “standing up?” And… there aren’t any “sit down chairs” are there? Those are two perfectly valid questions and we’re very happy to shed some light on this.

A stand up chair is essentially a chair for a standing desk. That is, it’s supposed to be paired along with a sit-stand desk so that when you are seated upon your stand up chair, you are immediately in a position where you can instantly stand up when necessary or simply move whenever you need. At a glance, it looks like a long, thin stool that looks like it’s bent in an awkward position but as soon as you try it, you will find that it is ergonomically designed to support your entire body and therefore is quite comfortable and healthy, too.

As medical professionals recommend, it is best to combine a healthy mix of constant movement in between sitting in front of your desk. Prolonged sitting has proven to cause a myriad of dangerous health risks, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, to name a few. The best solution to this is to invest in a quality, sit-stand desk + stand up desk chair combo. This way, you can be sure that you’re free to move around, to stand whenever you please and sit whenever needed, promoting healthy movement all throughout your work day.

At Ergo Styles, we offer a premium selection of portable standing desk chairs that work great as an ergonomic stool for a standing desk but also the perfect companion for perching upright on a sit-to-stand conference table or for speaking in front of an audience, you can bring it along with you so you can sit comfortably whenever needed. It’s great for those tiring moments when you need to wait in line, too.

Shop for your very own portable stand up desk chair and discover the perfect ergonomic companion. Enjoy our low prices and free shipping.

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