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POS Mounts

Working in retail is a tough job. It requires long hours of standing, facing customers, checking inventory, and even marketing the business. The industry brings about rather stressful situations which do not need to be aggravated by difficult to handle equipment and those that make a person’s back and neck ache.One of the best tools you can use to reduce the physical strain that brings about added stress is to utilize POS mounts. 

POS mounts are highly ergonomic, which means these are adjustable and flexible. You can change their height and the angle of the screen that is on it, to make sure that users don’t have to strain their necks and shoulders, while trying to see what is on these, by slouching when looking at the screen. 

Depending on the length of the mounting arm, a POS mount’s height can be extended to as much as 12 inches. Moreover, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space since it can be installed either above or over the counter. These POS mounts give you total control over what angle and height these are in, making these ergonomically usable by people of varying heights. 

Choose from POS mounts that can be mounted from the ceiling, through the counter, and from the wall. We also have units that are ideal for use with tablets that are utilized for POS needs. These are designed by reputable companies such as Innovative, which specialize in ergonomic business tools. These mounts are not only easy to adjust but are also very durable and strong – with a few that can hold monitors up to 25 pounds. These also have an excellent cable management system, helping reduce the clutter that is often associated with cables and wires used with POS systems. 

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