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Sit-Stand Chairs

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can actually be detrimental to your health? And yet, majority of office workers find themselves risking their health at desk jobs that have them sitting for a minimum of 8 hours every day. This particular working condition is found everywhere, however there is a solution that a number of offices have started to use, and this solution comes in the form of the sit stand desks and sit stand chair combo.

Using a sit stand desk and a sit stand chair for work allows workers to easily move from a sitting position up to a standing position in one easy movement. This is with the use of an adjustable height desk or a movable platform on top of standard office desks that allow users to raise the height of their work area to a comfortable standing position. While some offices use only the desk for such a change, having workers stand unassisted and unsupported while working upright, a few have chosen to use a sit stand chair with such a set-up.

These chairs are similar to sit stand desks in that these can be converted from a sitting position to a standing one and back in easy movements. You can easily transition from sitting to standing to sitting with these inventive office chairs without needing anybody’s help. These can be used as backrests while standing up when you work, and as stools when you need to sit down at your desk as you finish your tasks at the office, or even in your own home office.

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