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Split Keyboard

If you are looking to get an ergonomic keyboard but do not want the rather oddly shaped offerings that you see everywhere, there is an alternative. You can actually choose to get a split keyboard, which can be used as a standard keyboard and an ergonomic one, depending on how you use it. These keyboards can be split in half and positioned according to what is comfortable to the user, and can be returned to the standard keyboard shape by those who are not yet used to the ergonomic design.

You can choose from keyboards that split totally in half, can be bent in the middle, or can be pulled apart to form an ergonomic keyboard according to your preferences. These keyboards are built this way to facilitate the need for computer keyboards that are ergonomically designed and can help alleviate the pain that is brought about by RSI or repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome. These keyboards are also great for use when you want to get used to the positioning of ergonomic keyboards by slowly moving the two halves into the proper position in small increments.

Made by some of the top brands in ergonomics, these split keyboards can definitely help you get rid of the problems that come with standard keyboards, and these include issues with wrist pain, arm pain, and hand pain. Find the type that best suits you and your needs, and slowly get used to using an ergonomic keyboard today by starting with a split keyboard that can be easily adjusted to your needs.

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