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One of the space saving seating options you have that are also comfortable, despite the fact that they do not have backrests, are stools. These ergonomic stools, which are manufactured by some of the top ergonomic brands around, come in many designs that come with one thing in common, and that is the absence of a backrest. Despite this absence however, these compact and space-saving seating options are still very comfortable and great for use in various office environments.

These stools may or may not come with wheels and can be made in rather whimsical designs. Some of these stools even come in a mushroom-like shape and in very bright colors. These are ideal for use in canteens or cafeterias, and in offices that practice the open office style of working that was made popular by innovative companies in Silicon Valley. These can also be used in waiting rooms, reception areas, and other places where throngs of people may be made to wait and where traditional seating may be too space consuming.

If you need a stool that you can easily move from one place to another without having to lift it, then stools with caster wheels may be what you need. One design that is shaped like a saddle, and is called a saddle stool or pony saddle seat, is a great seat to have when you need mobility without the added encumbrance of a backrest and armrests. These are also ergonomically designed for comfort and are durable enough for use in such settings as laboratories, workshops, and the like.

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