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Under Table Mounts

Clutter is something people do not want to see when it comes to a workstation, and yet, clutter is often a problem that people find difficult to get rid of. This is mostly due to the fact that the computer monitors people have on their work stations come with cables and wires that share the space on their desks. Not only that, but these monitors themselves eat up a huge chunk of space on these desks as well. 

This is where monitor arms come in handy. Monitor arms help you reclaim the space your monitor often occupies on your desk by giving this its own floating space – via the use of an arm that is elevated above your desk. One such type of arm, the under-table arm, gives you additional space and less chance for clutter due to its ingenious design. 

Ergostyles has a number of under-table arms that you can choose from, made by such brands as Innovative. These appliances allow you to attach a movable, flexible arm under different surfaces, such as desks and tables. This then serves as a floating and movable mount for your monitor, which can give you more space above your desk. 

Another thing that these arms give you is a way to hide those unsightly cables with the help of a cable management system built into the arm. To add to the clutter-freeing capabilities of this monitor mount is its ability to be completely tucked away and folded into itself when it is not being used. This makes such a monitor arm ideal for use with drafting tables, assembly lines, and many other applications. 

These beautifully designed under-table arms can be: 

  • Folded when not in use for a much bigger space
  • Moved to different angles depending on your viewing preferences
  • Adjusted vertically
  • Allows for screen tilting up to 200 degrees
  • Rotated up to 360 degrees with the help of two joints 

All of these you can have with an under-table arm. Convert your workstations and desks today into a clutter-free and versatile work area with the help of these monitor arms.

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