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Vertical & Contoured

If you are to look closely at your arm and your hand, you will notice that the natural position of these appendages is sideways. If you force your arms and hands into a palm down position, and keep it that way for a long period of time, you will soon feel the strain that is being placed on your wrist, hands, and arms. This is called repetitive stress and constantly doing this will lead to problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar RSIs.

To avoid this, you should invest in a new type of mouse that is ergonomically designed to keep your hand, arm, and wrist in its natural position while you use this. Called the vertical mouse, this is used sideways, with your hand in its natural position. Sometimes called a contoured mouse, due to the fact that it has contours where your hand will sit comfortably while you use this mouse, you will find that with constant use, the pain that you used to feel in your hands and wrist with a conventional mouse is soon gone.

While this mouse may take a bit of getting used to, considering that majority of the mice used on computers these days are the ones that keep your hand in a palm down position, it is a good thing to get used to. This is because it will help you avoid injuries as well as the possible surgeries and remedies that tend to follow repetitive stress injuries that occur with the constant use of traditional mice.

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