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Wall Mounts

Stress is something most people blame on other factors – family, work, people they work with, and so on. While these factors can indeed be considered stressors, these are not the sole culprits when it comes to stress. Your working conditions can also be a source of stress, and can even aggravate it. 

A good number of people suffer from undue stress for one simple reason: bad posture. Proper posture allows proper distribution of pressure especially around the back area. If you can relieve tension around the neck and shoulders, which are normally the first ones to feel physical stress, you may find yourself feeling less stressed out than usual. 

Many things can affect your posture, like your desk, your seat, and how these conform to your needs. While these do need to be addressed in order to relieve a person from undue stress, there is one more thing some people seem to neglect when creating an ergonomic workstation, and that is the positioning of their computer monitor. The distance and angle of your screen can exacerbate your stress woes if you do not take care of this. Having a monitor arm is one of the things you may need to address this particular issue. 

Ergostyles highly recommends any of our wide selection of ergonomic monitor mounts, with one such design being a wall mount monitor arm. Designed by top brands such as Innovative and ESI, our wall mounts can be: 

  • Adjusted according to your preferred angle and height (you can even tilt it)
  • Changed from landscape to portrait and vice versa
  • Used along with different VESA adapters and monitors 

Some of these can also support large LCD screens up to 40 pounds and have an extensive reach. With a monitor that you can easily adjust to the proper level to prevent neck, back, and even eye-strain with the help of these monitor arms, you will find that stress can be greatly reduced in the workplace. 

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