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  • Winston Sit Stand Workstation
  • Winston Sit Stand Workstation
  • Winston Sit Stand Workstation
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  • Winston Sit Stand Workstation

Winston Sit Stand Workstation

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Product Description

Winston Sit Stand Workstation + FREE Shipping + EASY Returns

The Winston Sit to Stand Workstion is innovatives first height adjustable desk that allows user’s to convert their current desk into a more ergonomic sit to stand application. Due to the increase of health problems in the workplace it is now recommended and encouraged for employees to use a sit to stand desk while working. 

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Stand Up Desk Abilites 

  • Has a height adjustment of 17 inches
  • Monitor Tilt of 200 degrees
  • Monitor can pivot from landscape to portrait
  • 75mm to 100mm vesa pattern
  • Internal cable management 

Features of this Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Use with your existing desk system—no need to invest in an expensive sit/stand desk to achieve the benefits of standing throughout the day.
  • Seamlessly adjusts to easily modify the height of your workstation.
  • Once adjusted, it locks in place for a sturdy, free-standing workstation.
  • Offers a substantial work surface to accommodate your keyboard, mouse, notepad, cup of coffee and other necessities.
  • The cable management system keeps wires organized and stored away.
  • Holds up to two monitors and can be customized for more.

Selecting Your Adjustable Standing Desk Model - Weight is per Monitor

winston-single.jpg winston-dual.jpg winston-triple-freestand-1423847257.jpg

 Winston Single

  • WNST-1-FS-L Supports 5 - 16 lbs 
  • WNST-1-FS-M Supports 12 - 28 lbs 
  • WNST-1-FS-H Supports 24 - 44 lbs 

 Winston Dual

  • WNST-2-FS-L Supports 0 - 6 lbs
  • WNST-2-FS-M Supports 4 - 12 lbs 
  • WNST-2-FS-H Supports 10 - 20 lbs 

Winston Triple

  • WNST-3-FS-L Supports 0 - 24 lb
  • WNST-3-FS-M Supports 15 - 36 lbs
  • WNST-3-FS-H Supports 31.5 - 49.5 lbs

Expansive Work Space Benefits of Stand Up Desks


The Winston Workstation Provides Easy Install and Cable Management


winston sit stand workstation

Winston Sit Stand Workstation





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