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Workrite Keyboard Trays


Repetitive stress injury, which includes carpal tunnel syndrome, is something that people who work on computers find themselves prone to. This is because of the improper positioning of keyboards when people use these. While numerous companies have gone out of their way to try and create a healthier workplace by using sit-stand workstations in lieu of regular desks, some of them may have forgotten the need to fit these desks with peripherals that take care of keyboard positioning. Here is where keyboard trays by Workrite are needed.

Ergo Styles brings to you Workrite keyboard trays that are made to help users reduce the possibility of injuries brought about by how their hands, arms and shoulders are positioned while working. These trays are ergonomically designed to ease stress from these areas while still giving the person optimal control over their keyboards. Some of the designs you may find from this brand include those that allows you to tilt the keyboard platform and reposition the mouse easily, like the Workrite Revo Keyboard Tray System 2227-17.

Other designs you can choose from include those that can accommodate either a left or right handed mouse (Natural Banana Board 2181SN) and those that come with adjustable arm extensions as well as platforms that can be easily raised or lowered (Gemini Dual Keyboard Arm). Choose from the many variants you can find here on Ergo Styles and change the way you use your computer keyboard today!

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